·20220913 CDK14 inhibition reduces mammary stem cell activity and suppresses triple negative breast cancer progression 2022-09-14
·20220819 The membrane-associated ubiquitin ligases MARCH2 and MARCH3 target IL-5 receptor alpha to negatively regulate eosinophilic airway inflammation 2022-09-13
·20220817 Renal NF-kappaB activation impairs uric acid homeostasis to promote tumor-associated mortality independent of wasting 2022-09-12
·20220806 PCGF6 controls neuroectoderm specification of human pluripotent stem cells by activating SOX2 expression 2022-09-12
·20220802 A Ctnnb1 enhancer regulates neocortical neurogenesis by controlling the abundance of intermediate progenitors 2022-09-12
·20220520 Active endogenous retroviral elements in human pluripotent stem cells play a role in regulating host gene expression 2022-09-12
·20220518 Resolving the lineage relationship between malignant cells and vascular cells in glioblastomas 2022-09-12
·20220501 RNF115 Inhibits the Post-ER Trafficking of TLRs and TLRs-Mediated Immune Responses by Catalyzing K11-Linked Ubiquitination of RAB1A and RAB13 2022-09-12
·20220501 Nanoparticles Promote Bacterial Antibiotic Tolerance via Inducing Hyperosmotic Stress Response 2022-09-12
·20220425 Modulation of innate immune response to viruses including SARS-CoV-2 by progesterone 2022-09-12
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